Wed. Aug 5th, 2020

Mahjong Solitaire – A Game of Logical Skills

Mahjong is extremely popular world over and with the online version easily available more and more people all across the globe are enjoying it. Mahjong solitaire is an extremely popular form amongst the many versions of this ancient game. Also known as computerized solitaire or Sanghai solitaire the use of tiles in place of cards adds more fun for the players. The game involves players to use their analytical and logical skills to win the game. This thrill has made Mahjong solitaire a favorite among people of all age groups.

The game

Mahjong solitaire is played with the help of a total of hundred and forty four tiles. Each tile is placed facing upwards and arranged in four different layers. But with the online version, extra features like wildcard tiles and the option to choose your own difficulty level have been introduced. The main aim of the game is to remove all open tiles by matching them. This process is to be continued until no game pikachu unexposed tile is left in the game. The online version enables the game enthusiasts to test their skills at this interesting game in a more exciting fashion.


Like all games, this game also involves a set of strategies. This game has no prescribed time limit and is over when a player removes all matching tiles from the board. An important point to be considered is to look for left and right open spaces before removing the tile. It is also essential to check the encrypted image precisely to locate the right match for the same.

With many websites now offering free versions of this game, the game lovers all over the world can now enjoy Mahjong solitaire anytime they want. Mahjong solitaires has been popular for many years owing to the skills involved in the game and innovative options in the online version has made sure that even today’s generation enjoys the same. The easy instructions on the games site help even a beginner to play the game like an expert. Mahjong solitaire is the perfect option for all those who want to test their skills playing a challenging game.